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We are a mold removal company located in Los Angeles, serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We remove mold contamination from your home or office and its contents and clean remaining mold spores in the indoor air. We also clean the air of fine microbial and dust fragments which sets us apart from other mold remediation companies. We can remove and clean mold in residential and commercial buildings with the highest pass rate of mold clearance. If you would like to hire a knowledgeable and reliable mold removal company to clean your building of mold, please call us at (310) 427-9776, so we will help you immediately.
IICRC Certified in Applied Microbial Remediation and IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration: IICRC Registrant ID # 232334

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You may have heard that some people experience mold illness symptoms even after mold remediation. This is likely a result of exposure to nano-metric microbial fragments which are allergens and carry mycotoxins. Mold body and spores can break down into small particles. These particles are too small to settle and be filtered easily. These fine fragments are not detected in spore trap air samples as they are much finer than mold spores. We process the mold removal step using techniques that minimize the release of small fragments into the air. We also apply a method of rapidly capturing these small particles and physically remove them from your home or office.
We first identify any moisture and mold problem in your building. We then isolate the mold growth area by using negative air pressure in a plastic containment. We start the mold removal process from contaminated building materials and deep clean all surfaces in the work area with advanced mold remediation equipment while air scrubbers are running. After the physical mold removal, we may disinfect the contaminated area if needed. We HEPA vacuum all surfaces in the containment. Finally we capture, settle and clean airborne fine microbial and construction fragments in the containment. Call us at (310) 427-9776.
If you are experiencing health issues due to existing mold growth in your building and looking for a mold remediation company to remove mold from your home, please call us at (310) 427-9776. If you are experiencing mold illness symptoms even after a mold remediation, please call us at (310) 427-9776 to remove fine mold fragments which may contain mycotoxins in your home.
Water intrusions in buildings may be caused by several factors such as a drainage problem, floods, condensation, roof leaks, sprinkler overspray and plumbing leaks. Moisture in building materials is the most common cause of mold growth. Mold growth in buildings can cause health problems and a musty odor. Any mold growth on building materials should be remediated. Mold removal and mold cleaning in buildings should be performed by mold removal and mold cleaning professionals. We are a professional, insured, certified mold removal and cleaning company and qualified to work with insurance companies. Please call us at (310) 427-9776

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